Leather Accessories

leather accessories

Leather Accessories

Crafted with the same eye for detail as our footwear collections, these leather accessories may be small, but the hours of work that went into finishing each one make’s them a serious upgrade.

  1. Ortonovo Navy/Burgundy
    Ortonovo Navy/Burgundy

    Calf Leather Reversible Belt

  2. Montefiore Navy
    Montefiore Navy

    Calf Leather Belt

  3. Forsbrook Navy
    Forsbrook Navy

    The Explorer's Rucksack

  4. Madice Navy
    Madice Navy

    Reversible Woven Belt

  5. Wrantage Blue
    Wrantage Blue

    Hand Finished Leather Billfold Wallet

  6. Northay Blue
    Northay Blue

    Hand Finished Leather Document Holder