Care & Repair

  1. Hydrophobe Suede Protector
    Hydrophobe Suede Protector

    Suede Protector Spray

  2. Insoles

    Leather and Cork insoles

  3. Sherwood Cedar Wood
    Sherwood Cedar Wood

    Cedar Shoe Tree

  4. Brush Up Black
    Brush Up Black

    120ml Shoe Polish

  5. Brush Up Clear
    Brush Up Clear

    120ml Shoe Polish

  6. Brush Up Tan
    Brush Up Tan

    120ml Shoe Polish

  7. Brush Up Brown
    Brush Up Brown

    120ml Shoe Polish

  8. Large Polish Applicator
    Large Polish Applicator

    Shoe Polish Brush

  9. Long Round Laces Black
    Long Round Laces Black

    Standard Long Rounded Lace

  10. Long Flat Laces Black
    Long Flat Laces Black

    Standard Long Flat Shoe Laces

  11. Long Flat Laces White
    Long Flat Laces White

    Standard Long Flat Lace

  12. Short Round Laces Brown
    Short Round Laces Brown

    Short Standard Rounded Lace

  13. Rosewood Shoe Horn
    Rosewood Shoe Horn

    Long Rosewood Shoe horn

  14. Chromeo Silver
    Chromeo Silver

    Metal Shoe Horn

  15. Soft Shoe
    Soft Shoe

    115ml Leather Conditioner

  16. Cespuglio Navy
    Cespuglio Navy

    Travel Shoe Tree


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