mens designer clothing

Men's Clothing

By combining modern material with traditional craftsmanship, we've pulled out all the stops to bring you a quality range of finely detailed clothing that you'll be happy to have in your wardrobe year after year.

  1. Greenville Indigo
    Greenville Indigo

    American Selvedge Denim Jeans

  2. Peniche Indigo
    Peniche Indigo

    Japanese Selvedge Denim Jeans

  3. Prados Dark Blue
    Prados Dark Blue

    Tailored Cotton Shorts

  4. Aylesby Dark Blue
    Aylesby Dark Blue

    Cotton Crosshatch Stitch Jumper

  5. Christow Pale Blue
    Christow Pale Blue

    Cotton/Linen Casual Shirt

  6. Keelby Blue
    Keelby Blue

    Cotton Dual-Colour Jumper

  7. Kelstern Blue
    Kelstern Blue

    Lightweight Wool Blazer

  8. Everthorpe Blue
    Everthorpe Blue

    Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt

  9. Feteira Indigo
    Feteira Indigo

    Italian Selvedge Denim Jeans

  10. Tavira Blue
    Tavira Blue

    Cotton Crew Neck Jumper