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Oliver Sweeney shoes have been rooted in the same family-run factory in Italy for more than 20 years. The factory is in the region of Marche, on the Adriatic east coast of Italy, which is renowned for its shoe-making tradition. No wonder Oliver Sweeney is at home here.

handcrafted luxury italian leather shoes

We're often asked how we decide on our designs, where we source our materials, or how we go about choosing the right craftsmanship for our growing range of exquisite shoes, clothing and accessories. There's no simple answer. Everything we do is beautifully handcrafted, so the detail of what we do is different every time.

The majority of our shoes, however, have always been made in the same small, family-run factory in the Marche region in Italy, which is renowned for its shoe-making tradition.

We go to extraordinary lengths to source the finest components for every part of our shoe. Whether that's the finest calf leather from Tuscany for our linings, the softest New Zealand deerskin for our uppers, or tough, durable sole bend from Argentinian steers for our soles.

The quality of our products is dependent on the quality of the raw materials we start with, so we only ever select the best from the best places. And only we work with the best.

handcrafted leather shoes, made in italy

luxury leather shoes from Oliver Sweeney

Gianni, our master clicker for over 25 years, is based at our Italian factory. It’s his job to select the leather and to cut out the patterns needed for each shoe. As obsessed with quality and detail as we are, Gianni takes an entirely hands-on approach, cutting the leather with just his bare hands and a knife to feel the leather as he works.

When you own a pair of our Italian leather shoes, you know that it started life as a hide of leather in Gianni’s hands.

It’s the subtle details that makes everything we create so uniquely Sweeney. Our decorative punching is applied by hand at the early stages of the shoe production process. Even the O and S on the heel are stitched by hand.

Every shoe is finished by hand, with layers of polish that is applied by our very skilled craftsman. Many of our finishes, including our antiqued leather, cannot be replicated by machine.

handcrafted in Italy, leather shoes

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Our Cobbler-In-Chief only works with the very best artisans in their field, traveling the globe to discover the best factories and craftsman.


luxury italian leather shoes


Our leather is tanned in Italy and sourced in Britain or Tuscany. Expert eyes run across the hides to ensure we only use the very best for our shoes.


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