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Men's Trainers

Our luxury trainers are the perfect combination of style and strength. We can't think of a more perfect addition to your weekend wardrobe. Just remember, teaming a smart suit with a pair of luxury trainers is no longer a fashion faux pas. Get it right and you’ll ooze confidence. Keep the suit simple and your trainers smart.

  1. Novas Black
    Novas Black

    Dip Dyed Leather Trainer

  2. Novas Brown
    Novas Brown

    Dip Dyed Leather Trainer

  3. mozzolago Navy
    mozzolago Navy

    Hand Antiqued Leather Trainer

  4. Grandola Burgundy
    Grandola Burgundy

    Dip Dyed Leather Trainer

  5. mozzolago Tan
    mozzolago Tan

    Hand Antiqued Leather Trainer

  6. Osimo White
    Osimo White

    Calf Leather Premium Trainer

  7. Senigallia Cognac
    Senigallia Cognac

    Antiqued Leather Premium Trainer

  8. Hayle Burgundy
    Hayle Burgundy

    Calf Leather Trainer