Goodyear Welted

goodyear welted shoes and boots

Goodyear Welted

This traditional construction dates back more than 200 years, and is known for its strength and durability. It’s constructed by sewing the upper and insole to a welt then attaching the welt directly to the sole.

  1. Anderby Dark Tan
    Anderby Dark Tan

    Oiled Leather Derby Boot

    Special Price £199 Regular Price £279
  2. Tamine Black
    Tamine Black

    Suede Chelsea Boot

  3. Tamine Oat
    Tamine Oat

    Suede Chelsea Boot

  4. Sedgwick Navy
    Sedgwick Navy

    Suede Chukka Boot

    Special Price £129 Regular Price £249
  5. Oake Black
    Oake Black

    Calf Leather Single Monk

  6. Durness Burgundy
    Durness Burgundy

    Antiqued Leather Derby Brogue

    Special Price £139 Regular Price £249
  7. Oake Cognac
    Oake Cognac

    Tamponato Calf Leather Monk Shoe

  8. Stoneygate Black
    Stoneygate Black

    Calf Leather Oxford Brogue

  9. Stoneygate Dark Tan
    Stoneygate Dark Tan

    Tamponato Calf Leather Oxford Brogue

  10. Latherton Mahogany
    Latherton Mahogany

    Tamponato Calf Leather Derby Shoe

  11. Latherton Dark Tan
    Latherton Dark Tan

    Hand Finished Leather Derby Shoe

  12. Latherton Black
    Latherton Black

    Hand Finished Leather Derby Brogue

  13. Yarford Cognac
    Yarford Cognac

    Tamponato Calf Leather Wholecut

  14. Yarford Black
    Yarford Black

    Calf Leather Wholecut

  15. Tamine Mahogany
    Tamine Mahogany

    Tamponato Calf Leather Chelsea Boot

  16. Tamine Dark Tan
    Tamine Dark Tan

    Hand Finished Leather Chelsea Boot

  17. Wren Tan
    Wren Tan

    Casual Calf Leather Brogue Boot