Wedding Shoes

wedding shoes

Wedding Shoes

There’s no denying wedding season has well and truly begun. A Royal affair or evening reception? Sweeney will make sure you get off on the right foot whatever the dress code.

  1. Yarford Black
    Yarford Black

    Calf Leather Wholecut

  2. Yarford Cognac
    Yarford Cognac

    Tamponato Calf Leather Wholecut

  3. Lomaso black
    Lomaso black

    Calf Leather/Suede Oxford Shoe

  4. Redena Grey
    Redena Grey

    Hand Antiqued Leather Single Monk Shoe

  5. Bonorva Tan
    Bonorva Tan

    Hand Antiqued Leather Derby Shoe

  6. Bonorva Black
    Bonorva Black

    Calf Leather Derby Brogue

  7. Zuclo Black
    Zuclo Black

    Calf Leather Chelsea Boot

  8. Tavodo Dark brown
    Tavodo Dark brown

    Calf Leather Derby Shoe

  9. Tavodo Black
    Tavodo Black

    Calf Leather Derby Shoe

  10. Saltaria Black
    Saltaria Black

    Deerskin Derby Boot


    High Shine Leather Derby Brogue

  12. Napoli Black
    Napoli Black

    Calf Leather Derby Shoe

  13. Latherton Dark Tan
    Latherton Dark Tan

    Hand Finished Leather Derby Shoe

  14. Aldeburgh Tan
    Aldeburgh Tan

    Classic British Brogue

  15. Aldeburgh Dark Tan
    Aldeburgh Dark Tan

    Calf Leather Oxford Brogue

  16. Bonorva Dark Tan
    Bonorva Dark Tan

    Calf Leather Derby Brogue


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