men's designer shoes

Men's Shoes

Our men's shoes are synonymous with quality and style. Crafted from the finest leathers and traditional constructions - the devil is in the detail.

  1. Latherton Mahogany
    Latherton Mahogany

    Tamponato Calf Leather Derby Shoe

  2. Latherton Dark Tan
    Latherton Dark Tan

    Hand Finished Leather Derby Shoe

  3. Latherton Black
    Latherton Black

    Hand Finished Leather Derby Brogue

  4. Stoneygate Dark Tan
    Stoneygate Dark Tan

    Tamponato Calf Leather Oxford Brogue

  5. Stoneygate Blue
    Stoneygate Blue

    Tamponato Calf Leather Oxford Brogue

  6. Stoneygate Dark Green
    Stoneygate Dark Green

    Tamponato Calf Leather Oxford Brogue

  7. Stoneygate Black
    Stoneygate Black

    Calf Leather Oxford Brogue

  8. Oake Black
    Oake Black

    Calf Leather Single Monk

  9. Oake Cognac
    Oake Cognac

    Tamponato Calf Leather Monk Shoe

  10. Yarford Black
    Yarford Black

    Calf Leather Wholecut

  11. Aldeburgh Dark Tan
    Aldeburgh Dark Tan

    Calf Leather Oxford Brogue

  12. Aldeburgh Tan
    Aldeburgh Tan

    Classic British Brogue

  13. Aldeburgh Black
    Aldeburgh Black

    Calf Leather Oxford Brogue

  14. Longbridge Navy
    Longbridge Navy

    Suede Penny Loafer

  15. Knole Tan
    Knole Tan

    Calf Leather Derby Shoe

  16. Knole Navy
    Knole Navy

    Suede Derby Shoe

  17. Zuclo Black
    Zuclo Black

    Calf Leather Chelsea Boot