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Re-Crafting Service

At Oliver Sweeney we don't just repair shoes, we re-craft them

shoe repair at Oliver Sweeney

Keep you favourite pair of Sweeneys alive for another chapter with our re-crafting service.

Our World Champion cobbler and his team will bring your shoes back to life from their workshop in Somerset, England. Applying the same skills, techniques and attention to detail as when your shoes are first made, your shoes are finished with the same high standards that we expect from our brand new shoes.

On arrival, your shoes will be carefully assessed and then placed on their original lasts. The soles and heel are removed and then remade using their original construction and factory components.

Your shoes will be back on your feet within four weeks*.

We offer this service for our two main constructions: Blake Stitched and Goodyear Welted. If you’re unsure what construction your shoes are, please see our current season Blake Stitched and Goodyear Welted shoes for reference or contact our customer service team for advice.

*We will notify you if any delays occur.

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blake stitched repair
gyw repair


The stitching that attaches the upper to the sole is inside the shoe, enabling a sleeker finish.

The Italian artisans speciality, Blake-stitched shoes are made by attaching a lasted leather upper to a leather insole, and then stitching this through the sole, directly to it. This construction results in shoes with a sleek, slimmed-down profile, as the sole can be closely trimmed to the upper, and it’s the signature style of our family-run Italian factory.

Download our Blake Stitch Repair Form


The main stitching that attaches the upper to the sole is on the edge of the sole, creating a distinctive stepped edge.

Constructed by sewing the upper and insole to a leather welt which runs around the edge of the shoe, and then stitching the welt itself directly to the sole, creating a tight seal. Goodyear Welted shoes are known for being hardwearing and easily-reparable, and feature a distinctive sewn detail that makes the quality of the construction clearly visible to all.

Download our Goodyear Welted Repair Form

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