Our World Champion Repair Service

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Keep you favourite pair of Sweeneys alive for another chapter with our re-crafting service.

Our World Champion cobbler and his team will bring your shoes back to life from their workshop in Somerset, England. Applying the same skills, techniques and attention to detail as when your shoes are first made, your shoes will be repaired and finished with the same high standards that we expect from our brand new shoes.

On arrival, our repair team will carefully assess your shoes and then place them on their original lasts. The soles and heel are removed and then remade using their original construction and factory components.

Resoling service £110

Resoling service & Sweeney shine £125

We also offer you the option to upgrade your repair with a Sweeney Shine, a three-stage polish to moisturise, enrich and shine. Using a range of creams and wax polishes (and plenty of elbow grease) your shoes will arrive with a glass-like finish on the toe.

Don’t worry, you won’t be without your favourite shoes for long. We aim to get your shoes back on your feet within eight-ten weeks.

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Resoling service £110

Resoling service & Sweeney shine £125