Styling brogues can be difficult, given the sheer variety there are available. However, the plus side of this is the versatility of the brogue, which can be dressed up or down for any and all occasions. The right pair of brogues can be styled with myriad combinations of outfits, making them by far one of the best styles to invest in. This is no surprise given their long history, which took them from the moors of 1700's Scotland, all the way to the feet of royalty as they chipped their way round the golf course. While we doubt you'll find yourself in either of these situations anytime soon, we've put together a handy guide to help you style your favourite pair wherever you end up going.

How to wear brogues for men How to wear brogues for men


When pairing brogues with a formal look, try to match shades where possible. For example, a black or dark brown brogue looks best with black or grey ensembles, whilst a tan brogue will best complement lighter suits. Navy suits are everyone's friend but we recommend tan or burgundy.

In regard to the level of broguing on the shoe, formalwear tends to pair best minimal styles, such as semi and quarter- brogue shoes. Oxfords meanwhile are regarded as the first choice for formalwear, so save your derbies for dressing down.

Pinzolo Oxford Brogue

Pinzolo Black Oxford Brogue

Pinzolo Brown Oxford

Pinzolo Brown Oxford

Pinzolo Brown Oxford

Yarford Cognac

Yarford Cognac Wholecut Shoe


Everyone's least favourite and most ambiguous dress code can be saved by a pair of well chosen brogues. Pair brown or tan wingtips with a pair of classic chinos (in any shade) and a shirt - tucked or untucked depending on how far smart or casual you wish to stray. Depending on the weather, the look can also be layered with a blazer.

Stoneygate Tan Brogue

Stoneygate Dark Tan Oxford Brogue

Aldeburgh Tan Brogues

Aldeburgh Tan Oxford Brogue

Stogumber Dark Tan Brogue

Stogumber Dark Tan Derby Brogue

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Proving the extent of their versatility once and for all, brogues can be paired with jeans or shorts for casual looks all year round. With jeans or shorts for casual looks all year round. With Jeans, select detailed brogue with a chunky sole for a more rugged look or a slim, and simple suede pair for a more elegant look. Our casual, lightweight brogues meanwhile match perfectly with shorts on a summer weekend.

Casual Brogue

Durness Burgundy Antiqued Leather Brogue

Black derby brogue

Pendomer Black Derby Brogue

Navy suede brogue

Stogumber Navy Suede Brogue

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