Leather Accessories

leather accessories

Leather Accessories

Crafted with the same eye for detail as our footwear collections, these leather accessories may be small, but the hours of work that went into finishing each one make’s them a serious upgrade.

  1. Cullmeto Tan
    Cullmeto Tan

    Calf Leather Belt

    Special Price £79 Regular Price £99
  2. Allatamento Tan
    Allatamento Tan

    Calf Leather Belt

  3. Appley Dark Tan
    Appley Dark Tan

    Hand Finished Leather Cardholder

  4. Wrantage Dark Tan
    Wrantage Dark Tan

    Hand Finished Leather Billfold Wallet

  5. Northay Dark Tan
    Northay Dark Tan

    Hand Finished Leather Document Holder

  6. Leominster Dark Tan
    Leominster Dark Tan

    Hand Finished Leather Holdall

  7. Rhifail Tan
    Rhifail Tan

    Leather Billfold Wallet

  8. Kearvaig Tan
    Kearvaig Tan

    Leather Cardholder

  9. Ilton Dark Tan
    Ilton Dark Tan

    Calf Leather Luggage Tag

  10. Montefiore Tan
    Montefiore Tan

    Calf Leather Belt

  11. Evry Tan
    Evry Tan

    Leather Casual Belt

  12. Salford Tan
    Salford Tan

    Calf Leather Billfold Wallet

  13. Walsham Tan
    Walsham Tan

    Calf Leather Wash Bag