Oliver Sweeney X Levison Wood

Introducing the Explorer's Espadrille

For his latest expedition, a 1800 mile walk across Central America, Levison Wood set us a challenge: To design a slip-on shoe that had to be lightweight, hard-wearing, flexible, thornproof, unsinkable, quick drying, blissfully comfortable and as at home in town as it is in the wild. We made it and it's called The Explorer’s Espadrille.

"I've been searching for the ultimate footwear for a long time. Since my days jungle training in the army the one piece of kit I've been missing has been a comfortable slip on shoe that works in all environments.

It's been a pleasure and an honour working with Oliver Sweeney to design exactly that: a shoe that is practical, robust and lightweight. I've tested it in some of the harshest terrain on earth and made sure that it's the ultimate in design for the end of day after a long walk, for crossing slippery rivers, on the deck of boats. Most importantly it looks good and is right at home with shorts on the beach."
Levison Wood


The Explorer's Espadrille has been tried and tested to the extreme by Levison Wood during his latest expedition from Mexico to Columbia. Passing through 8 countries, his journey took him through some of the most dangerous jungle in the world and across a variety of terrain.

Our design team used traditional shoe making techniques combined with modern technology to create this shoe. It had to be a simple lightweight design so each component was carefully selected, from the bionic yarn to the non-slip vibram sole.

Not only are these shoes built to last and remain comfortable after 1800 miles, they feature all those small Sweeney design details that you know and love.

levison wood walking the americas

1. Elasticated gusset for ease of fit

2. Functional Pull Tab

3. Hard-wearing Cordura fabric

4. Heavy duty webbing for maximum performance

5. Thorn proof and puncture proof sole

6. Non-slip Vibram sole and EVA midsole for comfort and buoyancy

7. Ortholite in-sock for ultimate comfort

The Explorer's Espadrille In Action

The Explorer's Espadrille