Dip-dyed leather

the dip dyed collection

The Dip Dyed Collection

The dip dying technique is a tricky one. The shoe is made in neutral leather, immersed completely in dye and them tumbled in large wooded drums to give a truly unique, distressed effect.

  1. Chaves Dark Brown
    Chaves Dark Brown

    Dip Dyed Leather Derby Boot

  2. Novas Brown
    Novas Brown

    Dip Dyed Leather Trainer

  3. Novas Black
    Novas Black

    Dip Dyed Leather Trainer

  4. Geres Dark Brown
    Geres Dark Brown

    Dip Dyed Leather Jodhpur Boot

  5. Grandola Dark Navy
    Grandola Dark Navy

    Dip Dyed Leather Trainer