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Good quality leather shoes can last a lifetime if treated with the right care and attention. Leather is skin after all, so needs to be cleaned and nourished regularly to prevent cracks and to keep its waterproof properties. Aim to clean and polish your shoes every two to four weeks to keep them looking their best. Use a polish that suits your shoes. If you don’t have an exact match, err on the lighter side or use a neutral clear polish, and follow the steps below…


1. Ensure the shoes are dry

if not, allow them to dry naturally before you start.


2. Remove the laces from the shoes

These can be washed in warm water with normal detergent if necessary.


3. Insert a pair of shoe trees

This will give you a good, solid base to work on.



4. Remove dirt

Brush away any excess dried mud or dirt with a soft brush.


5. Wipe with a cloth

Clean away remaining dirt with a damp cloth or gentle wet wipe.


6. Apply polish with toothbrush

Apply polish to a polish applicator and work into the edges of the shoe between the upper and sole.



7. Apply polish with applicator

Apply a small amount of polish to an applicator brush and work into the upper and the waist of the sole.


8. Leave overnight

Leave the polish to soak into the shoe for a couple of hours or ideally, leave overnight.


9. Shine

Bring the shoes up to a shine by brushing over the upper with a natural horsehair brush. The aim is to build up friction to create the shine – so brush vigorously. If you’d like more shine, finish by buffing the shoes with a pair of tights or pop socks


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