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If there is one rule you should follow, it’s to use a pair of shoe trees. Just one day’s use at a time will help prolong the life of your leather shoes and they are absolutely critical to keeping your shoes in the very best condition.

The important part is when to use a shoe tree, and that’s within an hour after removing your shoes. Just insert a wooden shoe tree into the shoes once you take them off, it’s that simple.

Our feet produce heat and sweat throughout the day and the leather and lining will absorb that moisture. This will cause the leather to crack, create an odour and could burn away the leather. All this will shorten the life of your shoes.

A wooden shoe tree will wick away any moisture preventing odour, and will also hold the shoe in shape so it dries out correctly keeping creases at bay. Shoes can take 24 hours to fully dry before you next wear them so this is why I suggest rotating your shoes throughout the week. They may be your favourites but you must never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. The ideal shoe rotation I would advise would be: one pair on your feet, one pair with shoe trees and the rest in their boxes.

Here’s a little tip: shoe trees will also make polishing your shoes much easier by acting as an extra pair of hands, keeping your shoes in shape while you shine and brush. I never polish without one!

Treat yourself, and your shoes, to a new pair of shoe trees and opt for our Sherwood cedar shoe trees. They will keep your shoes as fresh as the day you brought them.

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