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The Chef's Shoe

Oliver Sweeney
Marcus Wareing

Legendary British chef Marcus Wareing and Oliver Sweeney have joined forces to create ‘The Chef’s Shoe’.

This collaboration has now sold out.


The two Michelin-starred Chef, Marcus Wareing, and Cobbler-in-Chief, Tim Cooper, met years ago at a dinner party and have remained close since.

What ensued was a series of conversations about designing a shoe that you could spend all day cooking in, yet still be smart enough to entertain with.

In this process, the two found common ground in discussing the similarities between the craftsmanship of shoemaking and the intricacies of a beautiful, memorable dish.

There’s finely sourced ingredients and materials, a focus on what the customer wants, and above all - excellence without pretence.


The Chef's Shoe Black/Navy

Featuring a splash of duck-egg blue in the shape of a knife, the black formal shoe also features subtle M and W hand-stitching that holds the shoe together.

The Chef's Shoe Brown/Red

The chocolate shoe also has a feature of raspberry, hand-finished and using the finest Italian calf leather.