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We’ve teamed up with luxury launches site VeryFirstTo to create ‘The Secret Shoe’ a luxurious derby that conceals a multitude of gadgets that are only known by the wearer. It’s a shoe designed for extraordinary missions and everyday emergencies from loosing your jacket on a night out to being kidnapped.

The bespoke shoe is made to order - hand crafted in Italy from wild red deer sourced from Scottish Estates. Each hide is hand selected by our Cobbler-in-Chief and vegetable tanned in small batches for a unique finish. Each hide is exceptional, reflecting the wild existence of the deer through the nicks and scratches meaning no two are ever the same.


Please note: this collaboration has now sold out


Worthy of 007’s Q, each shoe features a hidden compartment in the sole that can hold 3 gadgets (6 in total across the pair).

In addition to the items hidden within the shoe, the laces themselves are made from Kevlar. They can act as a friction saw cutting through wood or plastic, so should you ever find yourself zip-tied, you have a fighting chance of escape.

The final touch is a leather sole that can be inscribed with your details, from your name, blood type or even your GPS coordinates by our very own in house Fire Writer.

1. World's Smallest Phone
2. Torch
3. Payment Ring
4. GPS Tracker
5. Swiss Army Knife
6. Currency