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bernacchini factory italy

Le Marche, Italy

Founded over a century ago in the rolling hills of Italy’s Le Marche region, this small Family have been honing the art of shoemaking for generations.

In an area widely regarded as the heart of Italian footwear, the owner established the now famed family factory in 1905, today in the capable hands of his son Palmiro, Palmiro’s wife Graziella, and their daughter Simona. Each family member has a distinct role in the shoemaking process, using expert skills they have been handed down and developed over the years.

While they excel in tradition, creating beautiful Blake-stitched formal styles and clean-cut casuals, they have also acted as our experimental factory, conceiving our now signature Bologna construction, among other original Sweeney features. Combining tradition with innovation, and style with comfort, it is no surprise they have been such an integral part of the Sweeney family 20 years and counting.

Blake Stitched Construction | Bologna Construction

Martiape factory Portugal

Guimarães, Portugal

Now in its fifth decade of design, our factory in Portugal specialises in crafting casual boots and trainers using their own tried and tested techniques.

Having mastered the art of conventional shoemaking, this family focuses on developing new styles and products, by building on their experience and playing around with tradition.

The uniqueness of the factory's styles therefore, comes from this fresh approach to the design process: for example, by cutting and stitching the leather upper before dyeing, their shoes take on a relaxed, vintage appearance, for casual wear at its finest.

Kenmore factory India

Bay of Bengal, India

Situated on the Bay of Bengal in Eastern India, this family-run business expertly combines British construction and Italian technique with their own effortless style.

The Goodyear welt, this factory's signature construction, was invented in Britain over 150 years ago by Charles Goodyear Jr. It involves the addition of a leather strip (the welt) along the perimeter of the shoe, making shoes with this construction more waterproof, easily repairable and therefore, highly practical.

Despite being extremely proficient to this end, the shoes produced at our this factory are far more than just practical. Using skilled techniques such as Tamponato, which they learned first-hand from Italian artisans, as well as highly intricate broguing, the family produce styles which excel in both durability and design.