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1. What to do before cleaning

Remove the laces from your trainers and wash them in a bowl of warm water with washing detergent or in the machine. Or simply buy new laces if they’ve had their day.

Then, insert a pair of shoetrees into your shoes. This will provide a solid base to work on. Alternatively, you can stuff your trainers with newspaper which will also draw out any moisture.

2. How to clean the soles

Clean off any dirt with a wet wipe over the upper. However, for stubborn marks, FamacoTrainer Shampoo is an effective and easy to use cleaning mousse, specifically designed to remove dirt and marks from your trainers. (It can also be used on suede trainers).



3. How to clean the leather 

For stubborn scuff marks on the sole our Famaco  Trainer Sole Cleaner is particularly effective.
Use the pump action spray to apply a light amount of cleaning product around the sole and scrub over the whole sole using a toothbrush or similar brush (to get in all of the foxing grooves). Wipe away the excess with a clean, damp cloth. Then use our Famaco Trainer Whitener to preserve and restore  their original whiteness and make your trainers look brand-new.

4. Can you put your trainers in the washing machine?

We would not recommend using the washing machine, as this could weaken the bonding agents in the trainers and may also damage your machine.



5. How to dry your trainers 

Allow the trainers to dry naturally over night – Please avoid direct sources of heat such as a radiator or hairdryer as this could cause damage to the bonding agents.


6. How to protect your trainers 

To add extra protection give them a final spritz with a water repellent spray such as Renapur Suede Protector and put the laces back.