Our Leathers


Our design team work closely with our artisans to hand-select the perfect leather for each shoe, and developing techniques for a unique finish


We use the best leathers from the best tanneries in the world, Carli and Mangusta in Tuscany, as well as CF Steads in Leeds

luxury calf leather

Calf Leather
A smooth leather generally used on formal shoe styles

luxury deer leather

Deer Leather
Naturally grained and extremely soft and supple. Features on our Bologna Collection

suede leather

Split calf skin treated to give a luxurious nap, mainly used in the summer seasons

yak leather for winter boots

Yak Leather
Naturally grained leather simlar to deer, but heavier giving it a more casual feel

Camel Leather for Summer Shoes

Camel Leather
Naturally grained but tighter than deer leather, a unique look


We love both the natural texture of full grained leather and also great printed hides that enhance the natural beauty of the material

Caviar Grain Leather

Caviar Grain
Calf leather debossed with a small caviar pattern

Country Grain Leather

Country Grain
Calf leather debossed with a large grain pattern

Natural Grain Leather

Natural Grain
like deer or yak, all the features of natural leather


Choosing the best natural materials is only part of the job. All our shoes go through various finishing techniques like Tamponata, burnishing, oiling and polishing to enhance the effect of the finished product

Leather Tamponata Finish

Using a natural tanned hide, the leather (once shoe is made) is worked with different tones of dye to build a unique finish and depth of colour

Leather antique finish

Adding darker colour dyes to certain areas of the shoes to increase depth of colour

Leather Brush Off Finish

Brush Off
In the tannery the leather has two layers of colour added. Using alcohol and a brushing technique these layers can be removed to revel pops of colour underneath

Burnished Leather techniques

A burnishing wheel is applied to the shoe at high speed to heat the leather therefore darkening it. Usually applied to the toe and heel

leather high shine finish

High Shine
Leather that is highly polished

Pulled Up Leather

Pull Up
Also known as waxed, the leather us covered with wax to give a strong depth of colour in the shoe making process. Over time the finish will get richer


traditional craftsmanship


Our Cobbler-In-Chief only works with the very best artisans in their field, traveling the globe to discover the best factories and craftsman

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oliver sweeney shoe repair


Our shoes are built to last, so when there is some wear and teae, our world champion repair service will make them as good as new

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Sweeney Tattoo Order Yours


If you want to leave your lasting legacy, sometimes you have to leave your mark. With our tattoo service, you can do just that.

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