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Do you love whisky? This collaboration is the one for you. Combining style, craftsmanship and innovation, it brings a whole new meaning to the term BYO. Partnering with legendary Scotch whisky producer, Johnnie Walker, we’ve designed a limited edition Oxford brogue that makes a big statement.

Blake stitched in our Italian factory, each shoe takes two days to make. Featuring the finest calf leather, hand punched brogueing and finished with red accents that subtly reference the whisky brand. For an unexpected twist, the stacked heel conceals a miniature bottle of whisky in a red suede lined pocket. This pocket is a feat of engineering, ensuring the shoe is still unbelievable comfortable to walk in, as well as keeping the bottle safe and secure. The finishing touch is a tattoo on the counter of the iconic striding man logo.

This collaboration has now sold out.