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Suede may be a little more delicate than leather, but cleaning and caring for suede shoes is a lot easier than you think. The suede we use for our shoe collection has been pre-treated with a powerful water repellant. When water inevitably hits the suede (we do live in the UK, after all), the water molecules fold back on themselves and roll off the suede without penetrating the surface. It is important that you keep this treatment topped up every couple of weeks by spraying with our suede protector spray. Follow the steps below…


1. Remove the laces from the shoes

These can be washed in warm water with your normal washing detergent if necessary.


2. Ensure the shoes are dry

If not, allow them to dry naturally before you start and insert a pair of shoe trees. This will serve as a good base to work on.


3. Use a brush with brass bristles

If the suede is particular dusty and dirty, very gently brush against the surface of the suede to bring the nap of the suede up.



4. Use a suede rubber to remove stubborn dirt

Gently go over more stubborn dirt sections until it is removed. A piece of natural crepe rubber or a suede and nubuck cleaning block can also help.


5. Gently sandpaper

If the grain is flat, use fine sandpaper to bring the nap back up.


6. Burn off nap

If the nap lifts too much and looks hairy, simply use a cigarette lighter to flame it off. Then give it another light buff with the brass bristled brush.


7. Use suede protector

Replace the laces and spritz with a water-repellant spray such as Renapur protector.


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